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For Professionals

Procell Therapies

Procell Therapies Microchanneling Professional System is the premier microchanneling device on the market. The winner of many years running in the Aesthetician’s Choice Award, Procell takes no shortcuts and delivers amazing results for your clients.

~Extremely shortened down time, typically 60-90 minutes.
~Linear stamping technique results in substantially decreased discomfort for clients.
~Procedure times are cut in half with variety of tip sizes for different areas.
~Growth factor serums improve healing to yield previously unattainable results.

What to expect of your kit when you decide to become a Procell provider:

Microchanneling Device
Patient Brochures
Pair of Table-Top Posters
Training and Certification
Power Cord and 2 Rechargable Batteries
Training Supplies
Digital Marketing Download Pack

What to expect for training and certification:

If you’re local to me (within an hour or so), I will come to your shop and train you on your clients or models. If not, we will complete training via Zoom. Either way, you will feel comfortable completing the service once we finish. Going forward, we have a FaceBook group for questions, and you can contact me at any time if you need assistance. I’m here to ensure your success!

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Skin Classic

The Skin Classic is a device utilizing direct high frequency to enable quick, precise treatments of minor skin irregularities. You will find that the added value to your treatments will put you in high demand and recurring services will increase.

~Treatment of skin tags, keratosis, milia, clogged pores, sebaceous hyperplasia, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, flat hyperpigmentation, and fibromas.
~Less downtime and less PIH than conventional treatments.
~Your clients will be delighted that they don’t have to wait for a dermatologist to solve their problem.
~Treatment can be paired with other skincare services and usually take only a few minutes.

What to expect of your treatment system when you decide to become a Skin Classic provider:

Foot Pedal
Probe Holder
120 probes total count: F6, F12, and TAG
Disposal Box
Electronic Manual
Laminated Chair Side Guide
Before and After Book
Dermlite 100
Training and Certification
Lifetime Warranty on Device
3 Month Warranty on Accessories
10 Year Warranty on Dermlite

What to expect of training and certification:

Local solo operators and spas will get in person training with me at their location, while providers further away will have Zoom training. In both instances, we will assure your comfort and ability with the service before you begin taking clients. We have a very active and helpful FaceBook group, and the owner of the company weighs in daily to any questions. Plus, you will have my contact information, I am your first line for getting any questions answered. We are dedicated to your success as a provider.

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